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Long time no see...

, posted: 4-Jun-2009 19:16

Hi all, how are we going?  Is everyone out there surviving the launch of the new XT network? 

We are one staff member down, due to family circumstances... Up until yesterday arvo I had done 20 phones in three and a half days, even without bothering on saturday when things got really sticky!  Can't complain, though!

I have been through a few phones myself.  First one was the Nokia 6120.  It took a day for the sim card to go live, dealer demo and all that...  Instant full signal strength!!!  Loved the camera.  Threw some clip art onto a 'straight' photo of hubby.  It's so funny.  A moustache, peak hat with whirly gig on top, and a thought box thingy with little love hearts in it.  Coupled with his 'suave' face, he now looks like Don Juan!  But I had better not post it here.  Might get into trouble...

Got to use the new Nokia on Saturday morning a week before launch.  Rang Dealer Support, and all I could here was 'Hello?  Hello?  Is my headset working?  Hey - is your headset working?'  Yup.  No microphone.  I was gutted.  Sent it back and that's the last I'll see of it. 

Back to CDMA until Monday when the loan phones came in.  Got into trouble enquiring about the service order for the sim card from the boss.  Apparently I had just moved to the end of the queue. 

No way!  It was working in the Telecom R6 by the time I got home that arvo...

I am just typing whilst listening to my music on the Samsung 'Picolo'.  (C5220)  Good thing is that I can play my 'recordings' there.  BAd thing is that it plays the ring tones, too!  Another bad thing is the text.  Built for those rotten teenagers who like to text in code.  'Ring' comes up first as 'pgng'  Very annoying.  At least it lets you go 'up' when you spot a mistake in the first line.  Like 'Pgng me urgently'... 

I honestly am quite happy to say the Nokia had full signal strenth, and better camera than both the other two mentioned here, but I am happy to sell the Telecom branded phones. 

How has the launch been in general?  A bit slower today.  I got lunch at one-ish instead of after two...  My tummy muscles are developing quite well with all the standing and holding my sore back.  Bed at seven most nights except last night - I am studying.  Didn't stop when I got home.  That's the only way to survive...  Just keep going.  A bit like being manic.

A bit grumpy.  Got home exhausted on Saturday arvo.  Step-son was at my place.  I knew instantly - bag of clothes and empty grog (?) bottle at the front door.  I saw red.  I thought I was going to be asked to wash clothes.  Got inside, he was just about to have a shower.  (Slightly homeless individual, or bum if you are american...)  So I kicked him out.  'Why?'  'Because I am sick of you sponging on us.'  (Apart from him swearing most vilely at Junior the other day in the car and sending number on son to Australia after his home invasion and sending number two daughter off to the back blocks to stop his 'friends' coming to their place looking for drugs...)  (Oh, and also for dumping a stolen car outside our house and ME being harrassed by the police because of it?)

Anyway, as I took my piece of the leftover Telecom mudcake to my neighbours so I didn't chuck a total mental, I heard him saying he wouldn't be back.  Good!  Told hubby when he came home from work Saturday night, and he was glad, but, gents, it's not really up to your wives to deal with your problem sons...

Maybe I should put that photo up after all?

And two weeks ago I caught Junior smoking funny stuff in the toilet.  How dumb.  I took the rest of the stuff off him and sent it to his course provider to see who had given it to him, with the promise that if he did it again he and it would go straight to the police.  Why am I so harsh?  (Apart from utter exhaustion?)  Because I already have two mentally ill children and I don't need another one...

And to top it all off, Junior was complaining about having to put dry hand washed dishes away because I made him late yesterday.  'Good!,'  I told him.  I did it and I'm glad.  Do not expect me to ever take drive you to course ever again. 

So this morning he started demanding a lift.

A lift?  I'll give you a lift.  Pack your bags and you'll get a one way lift somewhere you would rather not go...

GRRR.  Thanks, Telecom

And now, after alll that, I have forgotten the almost most important thing in the world.

I am going to be a Grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by n00dy, on 4-Jun-2009 20:45

I feel for you... this week has been a tsunami, queues out the door all week, wouldnt be so bad if didnt have to spend half the time trying to get the first half of the phones working LOL, not too mention then coming home to children ( even those over 20yrs)

Author's note by mobygeek, on 5-Jun-2009 18:40

Well, I had lunch at three today, but went to the cafe next door to eat my home-made salad.  Last thing today was someone who had wrecked his message centre number, and couldn't send text.  The boss reckoned that it had nothing to do with text, but I just told him my dad had messed with his and when we fixed it he was fine...  So, this guy had been in several times today and it was fixed in seconds...  Just before five.  Now, we have had an ELF Nokia E75.  Customer has insurance.  How the heck am I supposed to make sure the new phone is covered?!?!?!  And, who cares, apart from me?

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