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, posted: 20-Nov-2006 08:06

Instinct just received this invitation from Adobe’s Flash Lite product team….

“Nokia Asia has asked me to recommend the top 5 FL developers in Aust/NZ and I consider you one of them…”

I'm quite excited about this because it means all the work Instinct has put over the last few years honing their skills, developing fun, unique mobile gaming experiences is paying off and not going unnoticed.

On another note I saw a documentary on the weekend about the old school game Doom, the game that started it all (well second to castle wolfenstein). Although slightly geeky and pale these guys were totally inspiring...

1. Did you know that ID software don't do user testing? They state that they are game players and when it is cool enough for them to want to play then its cool enough for their public!
2. There were more copies of Doom floating around then Microsoft Windows at one stage
3. Around 10 million were sold
4. Around 60 million were freely distributed

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