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, posted: 23-Mar-2006 16:14

I know this might not be true or legitimate but I would love to own an iPhone. Even without seeing an iPhone or having confirmation from Apple that these are coming, even without touching one I would probably buy one. Now that is what I call power! You see everything I have ever owned from Apple just works... isn't that the kind of customer rapport every business should be aspiring to?

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Comment by Sebastian, on 18-Jan-2007 10:14

I'll be right behind you

Comment by Morena Ruiz-Mio, on 11-Apr-2007 15:34

the iPhone is something everyone (I know) wants... BUT.. sucks to be in N.Z because we dont get them to 2008... yep 2000...AND 8..

AND.. if some of us out there are smart and think "ha! i'll just get them from another country and bring it here" well thing is.. they MIGHT not work.. I love N.Z but surely we should get them maybe 3 months after American.. shouldnt we? And also PPL are saying there will be a "iphone 3g" later to come...

way i feel is.. if we can make LOTR! then we should get the iphones, now!

*crys* i just want one so bad


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