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Flash Lite 3

, posted: 19-Feb-2007 11:22

My friend and colleageue Weyert de Boer (co author of Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices (Foundation)pointed this out to me yesterday.

Flash Lite 3, video: Adobe announcement at 3GSM...

"Flash Lite 3, expected to be available in the first half of 2007... Flash Lite will support the same video formats supported by Adobe Flash Player and will directly support video streams delivered by the Adobe Flash Media Server."

Meanwhile, shipped Flash-savvy devices have tripled over the year, topping 200 million, with 70% of them outside Japan, and Flash Cast server trials are now occurring in every region. This sounds similar to the On2 speculation after their announcement last week. The Adobe site hasn't changed yet, but we'll probably have more news on this summer's release of Adobe Flash Lite 3 to manufacturers later in the week.

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