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WordPress eCommerce Plugins: WP e-Commerce vs Shopp

, posted: 24-Jan-2009 12:45

A lot of people have been trying to compare the WP e-Commerce (the WordPres e-Commerce Plugin) with the new Shopp Plugin for WordPress.

The truth is both Plugins have there pros and cons. But ultimately the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin wins for a numbers of reasons. Lets take a look at what matters to any would be online retailers.

Age: The WordPress e-Commerce Plugin has been around for a long time and is very reliable. With age comes Wisdom and lots and lots of work with retailers from all around the world - this knowledge is unparalleled.

Shipping Options: The WordPress e-Commerce Plugin wins trumps. There are many more options (again experience is shining through).

Variations: The WordPress e-Commerce Plugin has a much more elegant way of approving product variations - the interface fits nicely on the screen and makes common sense to retailers and shop owners wanting to sell online.

It also supports different files for different variations. This is great and shows how powerful the Variations functionality actually is.

Design: The WordPress e-Commerce Plugin was easy to get setup and easy to customize - it integrates with any WordPress theme (so its good for beginners) and for Theme designers the template tags offer enough power and flexibility to make your WordPress site look as hot as you can make it.

Support: There is a free support forum on both the Shopp website and the WP e-Commerce website. The WordPress e-Commerce team is generally friendly though - more WordPress(esque).

Upgrades: The WordPress e-Commerce Plugin has more features that make it appealing to shop owners - these options include better search tools, designs and much much more.

Conclusion: If online sales is what you want then the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin wins.

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