Mobile Game Development & E-Commerce Solutions = no support... at all

, posted: 24-Feb-2009 16:02

Does anybody know how to contact somebody at
We are trying to interface an e-Commerce site with them but they are not at all present.

Not only do they not accept phone calls (wtf) but nor do they answer emails. I'm stumped and genuienly want to make something work with their payment gateway.

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Comment by adamj, on 24-Feb-2009 17:31

I assume you have tried their 09 2783492 sales number?

Comment by LennonNZ, on 25-Feb-2009 08:54

registrant_contact_name: Zipzap Technology Limited
registrant_contact_address1: PO Box 200015
registrant_contact_address2: Papatoetoe Central
registrant_contact_city: Auckland
registrant_contact_province: na
registrant_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
registrant_contact_phone: +64 9 2783492
registrant_contact_fax: +64 9 2783492

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