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NZ Post Shipping / Rate Calculator

, posted: 10-Mar-2009 17:00

We want to integrate a live NZ Post Shipping / Rate Calculator into our e-Commerce software.

Does anybody know how to integrate live NZ Post Shipping rates into an e-Commerce site - the closest thing I found was a google widget... which seems rather moot :P

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Comment by James Sleeman, on 10-Mar-2009 20:33

To my knowledge, there is no API, public or otherwise which can calculate the rates.

Many moons ago I ripped out and ported the Javascript calculator to PHP, but it's not going to be anything like correct any more since the rate changes a year or so ago (and it's really arcane lookup table based code).

You could maybe post the required fields to the website ratefinder and rip the results from the results page, but I'm thinking that the CMS/Framework they use may make it tricky, and of course the usual practical and legal screen scraping problems.

In practice, it is better for NZ based online stores to come up with simpler postage pricing and manage it themselves.

Author's note by mufasa, on 11-Mar-2009 09:53

Thanks for the comment James. The mind boggles.

I saw your site yesterday while searching for this stuff. How did you come across this post?

Have you seen this:

I think the  more people that comment on that requesting an NZ Post e-Commerce API the more chance we have of getting NZ Post attention. Our software powers over 200,000 e-Commerce sites and a big proportion of those people use shipping calculators.

Given all the e-Commerce sites in the world what do NZ Post make us? A google widget. gee wiz :P

Comment by sleemanj, on 12-Mar-2009 20:42

I subscribe to the Geekzone Blog RSS feed which is how I saw your post.

That google gadget thing is interesting, looking at the source:

it is using an XML feed of rates, hit this reverse engineered URL for kicks and giggles.

t = thickness
h = height
l = length
I think those three are mm

w = weight
I THINK that is kg

src and dest are obvious and can be obtained from

Author's note by mufasa, on 13-Mar-2009 09:35

Now that is pretty bloody interesting. Do you know if there is a src for international locations - or are there better calculators / shipping calculators for that stuff anyway?

Also when are you in WGTN next? We should catch up for a coffee?

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