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Wellington games company enters Japan

, posted: 1-Apr-2009 15:37

Instinct's key products are the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin and game creator softwaresWELLINGTON, APRIL 1st -- Wellington games company Instinct Entertainment has signed a deal with a Japanese investor to develop its games creation and e-commerce software for the Japanese market, said a press release issued by the company recently.

    According to the agreement signed between the web and mobile phone games company and Tokyo-based investor Terrie Lloyd, the company will launch its Game Creator software in Japan later this year, and Lloyd will assist in localisation, marketing and distribution.

    Lloyd said, "We believe that the mobile games platform in particular has very good prospects here in Japan and elsewhere in North Asia."

    Instinct CEO and founder Dan Milward was a member of a high-level delegation to Hong Kong earlier March, where a memorandum of understanding was also signed between Wellington and Hong Kong.

    Instinct's Game Creator software is a point-and-click web and mobile game creation engine powered by Adobe Systems software, and its e-commerce plug-in for Word Press is a shopping cart application with over 300,000 users worldwide.

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