Much like following an ambulance through traffic

, posted: 1-Mar-2008 04:45

Hmmm It seems I am allowed to have a blog, so I guess I should set it up. Its a bit weird though - making a blog on here alongside some well known people like Juha Saarinen and Mauricio Freitas.

However, Hello! I am Hamish. I'm not a super active member here but make a few posts here or there when something comes up that I feel like adding my 2c to. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades geek - I know a bit about a bunch of different things but there are only a few things that I know about in depth. That, with my stubborness and tendancy to speak my mind, get me into trouble a fair bit when it comes to arguments!!

I am in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the moment. Was given a grant by my (now) boss to come here and get some 'real' business research experience after I did well in the IM (no, not instant messaging. The other, nastier IM - Information Management =O ) course he lectured at Vic last year in Wellington. Have been studying at vic towards a Bch of IT - majoring in Information Systems - for the past 4 years. I've done the earlier comp sci papers to learn Java, C++,, SQL etc, but have gone down the management track instead of software development track. Mainly because I'm better at the 'fluffy' management and strategy stuff ;). Just need to finish my honours project and then I shall theoretically be eligible for a peice of paper which should trasform me from a naive kid with an opinion to a scholar with an even bigger, and occaisionally justified (!), opinion!

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mushion22's profile

Hamish Goodwin
New Zealand

Have a Bachelor of IT (Hons) majoring in Info Systems. Mainly focused on management in strategy with a bunch of development as well. Now a Capacity Planner in Wellington (No i don't really know what that means either...)

Like to play around with various gadgets, particularly networks and communications. Also like to babble and make bold assumptions and statements about various topics that catch my attention.

Please comment if you can add more detail or have an objection or alternative view!


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