Job Please!

, posted: 17-Aug-2008 02:13

Hiya folks,

I'm going to be back from my OE in Canada in a coupla weeks and am on the job hunt! Ideally would like to get into some project management type stuff, with a long term goal to get into more strategic IT management. Will also consider sysadmin and software dev positions to get experience in the shorter term.

Have previous experience in IT and have just completed a Bch of IT (Hons) majoring in Info Systems at Victoria Uni in Wellington which included software dev (OOD, Java,, VBA, SQL, little C++/JS/HTML) and info managment/strategy incl project management.

Here is my CV

Give me an email, comment or PM if you have anything or know of anything on the go :D


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Comment by lugh, on 17-Aug-2008 19:29

We're currently looking for both a SQL DBA and an Oracle DBA.  We're also NZ's largest IT employer (apparently) with ~450 roles, so there's always room to move.

Check out our external job site: ANZ National Financial Group.

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Hamish Goodwin
New Zealand

Have a Bachelor of IT (Hons) majoring in Info Systems. Mainly focused on management in strategy with a bunch of development as well. Now a Capacity Planner in Wellington (No i don't really know what that means either...)

Like to play around with various gadgets, particularly networks and communications. Also like to babble and make bold assumptions and statements about various topics that catch my attention.

Please comment if you can add more detail or have an objection or alternative view!


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