, posted: 24-Jan-2009 13:19

I've decided to be more eccentric and troublesome. I've done lots of caring, understanding, emo-ness-ing and stuff and while I shall retain my general compassion and sympathy for the human race, I think I should be more outwardly arrogant and pick arguments at will. Also, I shall retort in a largely unoriginal, but still midly humorous fashion when people are silly. 
I insincerely apologise in advance for anyone I may offend. You are more than welcome to argue against me, but if your argument is does not meet my standards for humour and intelligence then I will simply resort to calling you names.

Here is an example of my new attitude, which is largely ripped off from the Spider-as-payment thing (10 points to the first person to comment with the link to it):

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Comment by Peter Manglethwaite, on 24-Jan-2009 13:33

You disturb me.

Comment by scottpalmer, on 24-Jan-2009 13:34

"... and should you would like . . ."


Author's note by mushion22, on 24-Jan-2009 14:02

I retract my previous statement.

I apologise for incorrect spelling, and I can fully understand why this would be disturbing, however I have decided to be a non-conformist so it basically is consistent. 

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Jan-2009 07:16

MY eyes! My eyes! Give this man an image resizer tool...

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