Old boys networks

, posted: 24-Jan-2009 23:20

So an issue has arising with some acquaintances where one party has been threatening to use his "contacts" to destroy said acquantances' careers because his culture stipulates that he must take veangeance on anyone who croses him, or so he says. 
So aside from discussing the legal issues, I'm interested to know what people think about these things and whether it is still a real thing that happens or whether people who try to use those tactics should learn not to take Shortland Street so seriously (by this I mean that these kinds of things are reserved for TV dramas).
I know that who you know can certainly aid in getting yourself ahead in life, not even necessarily in a malicious context. But do you think it's realistic that in this day and age of transparency, employee rights, legal paranoia, that a person could inflict damage on another's career because of a personal grudge? 
To me I think it's scary. I certainly believe in consequences for wrong actions. But I think if someone is going inflict consequences they should be a direct response, rather than dirty and backhand tactics, and I think they should be transparent. I think it is scary that if I had some conflict with some person that they might be able to inflict such great damage on me even if I would be otherwise successful in my career. 
That's different from someone being dobbing someone in for doing something wrong in the workplace, which I generally think is immature but some people like to deal with grudges by inflicting disproportionate damage. I'm talking about me having done something, most likely legally legitimate but perhaps personally insulting or disrespecful, and then the rest of my life being hampered by having a bad reputation among certain powers-that-be. 
Do you think thats realistic in this day and age? Do you think its right? Do you think it's wrong?   

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Comment by rscole86, on 24-Jan-2009 23:54

I think it is very wrong. If you cannot get ahead in the world, under your own steam, why play the card that is morally wrong?

Author's note by mushion22, on 24-Jan-2009 23:56

I'm not sure what you mean? Who is playing the card that it is morally wrong?

Comment by anon, on 25-Jan-2009 08:52

Of course it's wrong.

If this is about you then your career has just started, so even if this bully carried out the threat, there are not many bridges to be burnt. Don't worry about about it.

If however this is theoretical question, then I'd not worry about it either. NZ is a place where it is small enough that idiots like this soon get flushed out as being the idiots that they are.

No one likes a prick.

Comment by nate, on 25-Jan-2009 10:37

"What goes around comes around" sums up what my thoughts are...

Author's note by mushion22, on 25-Jan-2009 13:16

Nah its not about me. Its some friends who are kicking out their flatmate and he started threatening them with such things because he's worked with a lot of powers-that-be and has connections through his Iwi (apparently). I think they're largely idle threats, but as a theoretical proposition i'm interested to know whether that kind of thing really goes on these days. 

Comment by inane, on 26-Jan-2009 16:43

of course these sorts of things go on, however,

its not going to have a long term effect, its not a large database of people.

hell I forget the names of people who have been recommended to me positively (unless I run into them soon enough) - although not as quickly as I'd forget negative recommendations.

it would take some seriously bad accusations for me to remember someone I had nothing to do with - for me to remember a name say a year on when I encountered them.

if that makes any sense - just from my own perspective.

networking and word of mouth is powerful, but its a living force, even a big enough ripple will disappear in time.

Comment by kinsten, on 27-Jan-2009 17:40

agree with inane.
Unfortunatly I actioned such a debacle once.  Totally regretted it ever since. 
But I also know people who do not give two hoots who they hurt, and for what reason (no matter how petty).

It is just unfortunate we live in a world with so many misguided people, hence wars etc.

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