New focus of #blackout

, posted: 23-Feb-2009 16:34

The government has delayed the commencement of S92 of the Copyright Act and made it conditional upon agreement between the TCF and Record labels, but I don't think people should give up the blackout just yet. We need to convince the TCF and ISPs that the Code of Practice is flawed and diminshes our freedoms, rights and commonsense and either force them to disagree such that the section is repealed, or get them to agree to a more reasonable policy.

Here's what we should all do (please add comments for more things):

 - Make submissions on the TCF code stating the reason's why it is inappropriate
 - Tell your ISP in writing that S92A only calls for "reasonable implementation" and that it doesn't require the policy itself to be reasonable nor does it require disconnection on accusation.
 - Tell your ISP in writing that you will not support them if they choose to implement a policy that involves disconnection upon accusation, and that you will switch ISP if they do so.
 - Continue to write to your MP stating the potential flaws of the legislation and the impacts it could lead to, and also remind them that a Code of Practice may not be followed by all ISPs and will still be costly to implement, especially for small ISPs and non-traditional-ISP organisations (libraries, hotspots etc).

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Comment by kinsten, on 25-Feb-2009 10:13

Are the ISPs not also victims of S92a and also against it along with their clients?

Author's note by mushion22, on 25-Feb-2009 10:20

I wouldn't call them "victims of S92A" - I would call them victims of the record companies' pressure, and it is now up to the ISPs to represent our rights and not buckle to the demands of the record companies seeing as the government has sat on it's hands for a while longer.

Thus, we need to put pressure on them to have some balls and not just bend over and take it.

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