Basic Workaround for lack of Steam download scheduler

, posted: 26-Apr-2011 22:12

For a program that downloads potentially large volumes of data (ie multi-GB for some games) - I think Steam is lacking one important feature - ability to control the times when it will download. 

This feature would be particularly useful for those like me with an ISP that gives a free download window.

Alas, I have devised a small workaround for those using steam on Mac OS X. Its not overly complex, and could easily be replicated on Linux and Windows with the right commands and scheduler.

You'll need 2 things: iCal, and Applescript Editor

Fire up applescript editor (Applications > Utilities). 

copy paste in the following:

do shell script "open /Applications/"

(assuming steam is installed in the Applications folder - adjust that location as appropriate for your install).

Save that - I called mine "opensteam.scpt"

Now create a new script, and paste in the following

do shell script "killall steam"

Save that one as a different name - eg "killsteam.scpt"
Now in iCal - set up an event for when you want the download to start. Edit the event by right clicking and clicking get info, and for the "alarm" choose "run script" - then choose the first script that you saved.  Then set it to run 0 minutes before the event. 

Do the same for the 2nd script at the time you want it to stop downloading.

Et voila - steam will load and, so long as your downloads aren't paused, start downloading them. It will then be closed when the 2nd event is triggered.

Just beware - if you happen to be up using steam at the time the 2nd event runs - it will be closed on you :-)

Not the most ideal solution, but might be useful for some :-) 


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