Android Froyo/2.2 Bug

, posted: 13-Jun-2011 10:21

Just a quick post to let people know about a bug in my Moto Defy, running Froyo, that I have been experiencing and came across a fix for. Apparently it is a Froyo bug and affects many different handsets.

Had found my phone would be running very slowly and needed a reboot to come right, but would get sluggish again in anywhere from minutes to hours for no particular reason.

Turning on the 100% CPU notification in Task Manager gave me frequent 100% notifications, yet none of the apps/services showed more than a few % CPU. I tried a few different CPU analysers - they showed the same thing - 100% CPU but no app was causing it.

After a little googling, I came across this post

I installed Watchtower, and bingo - /init was using all available CPU. Incidentially, I've found watchtower a lot better than the other task analysers as it shows processes rather than just apps/services so you can get an idea at the system level what is going on. It also shows usage graphs for all those processes - very handy.

I followed the instructions - enabling USB debugging, and now the CPU usage is back to normal.

Hopefully Moto will let Telecom upgrade to 2.3 some time soon!

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Comment by cyril7, on 14-Jun-2011 09:17

Hi, thanks for that tip, I have an old HTC Magic, and since the Froyo upgrade late last year have noted a significant lagging, turning on USB debug was like night and day, took it from be given regular verbal abuse to a pleasant  phone to use once again

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