My complaint to Telecom Go Large and hopeless help, in short, just a waste of time!

, posted: 27-Nov-2006 15:36

Below is just a little tale that I had with fighting your Go Large broadband service or should I say people at telecom who enjoy wasting other people’s time!


I switched to this plan on the 9 Nov from another ISP. From day One I was having connection issues, but it wasn't till a couple of days later that I realised how awful it was. It was disconnecting at a staggering rate of every 2-3 minutes!


I started calling your techs from 11th. My case (12856969 has most notes), would probably score right on the top of your most discussed list, or I call the most time wasted list! Literately, I spent hours repetitively removing all phone/fax devices and doing all sorts of funny tests on the internet when I clearly indicated that irrespectively of which one of the two modems I used, what I did on the internet or whether there was even a computer connected to the adsl modem, it still disconnects at the rate of 3-5 minutes on average. The case was forwarded to the advanced broadband team for at least 4 times that I know of. Each time, I had to wait and wait, and no one was calling me back when they kept saying they were going to. You must have been hiring all the liars in New Zealand. I now just hope you aren’t all are at telecom.


It started to really annoy me was after the investigation done by an actual technician who was supposed to come to visit my house. I still couldn’t believe the technician only sent out on the 23 Nov, after all the time-wasting I had been through with your not helpful helpdesk people and the advanced broadband team. What I could not believe even more was that none of your people even merely thought of there is a network problem so that they didn’t have to waste all my time of after I had asked them whether my disconnection issue was related to your network problem that I heard of! But afterwards I thought maybe these people were just trying to waste my time so they can seem to be busy and keep their jobs, as from Thursday you were asking for another two days to investigate the “newly found” network problem. Well, if that was the case, I cannot believe that after your technician had visited the local exchange and reported back to your people, none of your people ever called me to let ME know, so I didn’t have to sit still at home rather than be productive at work. I just cannot believe when they had all that time to waste they still couldn’t be bothered to give me a call so I can go to work! Or should I even start to question their motive to ask me to stay at home in the first place?


As you can probably image that I wasn’t a happy customer by that stage, I thought maybe, just maybe it might be different at 123 helpdesk, so I tried, after several attempts, and all the usual time-wasting waiting on the line, I finally got through to someone, but I couldn’t believe that I was transferred back to the broadband general helpdesk when I made it EXTREMELY clear that it was a complaint against them, but being a nice person the way I was, I actually talked to that person, because she sounded kind over the phone. She promised someone would call me back by Saturday. They just needed to ‘borrow’ some time to investigate. ‘Borrow’ was the word she literately used. I just hope I get it BACK because I really lent my hours to you! And she promised loads of credits that I would probably never need to pay for the services again, which is still unclear at this stage to me whether it is actually happening.


Well what is EXCEPTIONALLY clear to me is (you may have already guessed), my time was wasted telling her my little tale fighting with the slow dragon – no body had phone me back by Saturday. Now it is Tuesday, three days later, I’m still constantly getting disconnected. To give you an idea, after restarted my brand new Netgear modem (the only reason I like about this modem is that it actually tells me how long I have been connected for, unlike the D-Link DSL-502T that you sent me!) at about 10:30 pm last night, the log recorded over 23 times of disconnections by 6:30 am, in only 8 hours, and almost 8 hours of off peak time!

 I think I’ve given up the fight. Now, I don’t even know what to ask when I phoned up again this morning. Your people had completely lost my trust. Maybe I’ll ask thousands of NZ internet users what I should be doing, cause I know they are more reachable than your guys are through forum or email forwardings. So just enjoy my little tale about time wasted fighting the slow dragon.

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