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Blacklists, black holes and and staying in the black

A customer called - they couldn't get emails from their ISP provided email (hmm lets call the the ISP Catapult ) to another ISP (lets call them VulcanPhones) On investigation it turns out VulcanPhones subscribe to the Spamhaus Black List and the IP address of Catapults mail servers have eneded up on the black list again. Based on that entry VulcanPhones are bouncing / dropping all email from anybody who uses Catapults SMTP server into a big black hole. OK - We now have the connection between bl (read the entire post)...

Independence in a corporate age

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Independence in a corporate age....

As a neutral provider of IT support and help we get to see IT life from all perspectives. We work with Linux, Mac, Windows, Novell, IBM, Acer, HP, Dell etc etc ... providing the best possible support and help for our customer - vendor neutral - best fit solutions. Along the way we get to talk to most of the IT vendors / providers in the process of trying t (read the entire post)...

Knitting with tinfoil.

, posted: 20-Dec-2008 14:57

I have decided to get out a roll of tin foil and start knitting myself a tinfoil hat - mostly to wear while sitting in my Faraday cage, with the window vibrators on, speaking via voice changer and using anonymous proxy to surf the net via my wireless internet access in an ever moving van. Oh yes - Pink Floyd's, 'The Wall', is screaming in the foreground to stop people overhearing what I say. So what pushed me (further?) over the edge you ask? Mozilla Firefox 3. Two days ago I decided to lo (read the entire post)...

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Would you trust these people with your money?

Tonight I set down with a simple goal in mind - to fill out a couple of forms on line to see if my money and I can be seperated in the noble persuit of getting a bank loan to increase my business. Does my current business need a loan? No. But I am hoping to take some of the spare cash we have and put it to good use by purchasing a new (non IT geek type) business.

All good, right up to the point that I visited the online banking sites this great nation of ours boasts. Now - please not (read the entire post)...

Burn all books - out with free thought.

, posted: 28-Nov-2008 01:20


>write a sci-fi book, please =)

I thought about it but the only people who would read it would be other geeks and we all know that p2p is the best way to get books we like - no money in it for me though Sigh!!! I even had the art laid out ready to go:

Looks like a series of smileys but dont run it in linux command line :)

>Heard of a guy in America who wrote an article on
how to hack systems, but never actually hacked anyt (read the entire post)...

I'm glad I'm mad - it is better than being dperessed.....

, posted: 27-Nov-2008 22:34

Some one once said depression is just suppressed rage so for me better angry than depressed.

To answer a comment or two:


>It's got to be better to them than the
alternative of people switching to truly free software like GNU/Linux.
If >you're sick of security software, cd keys, and product activation
sucking your life away, I'd highly encourage you >to give a Live CD from
one of the popular distributions a spin.

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How I would write a perfect virus

, posted: 26-Nov-2008 19:36

As someone who deals with virii / viruses / crapware every day I try to keep abreast of new developments.

Recently I ran into the work of Joanna Rutkowska who had created a 'Blue Pill' ( ) rootkit as a sample of an undetectable rootkit / virus infection. While the papers referenced above are more than my decaffinated brain can handle before lunch the concept is beautiful, elegant in its approach and almost completely undetectable usi (read the entire post)...

Ever wondered how the Pope, Stewart island and plague victims can be in the same post? wonder no longer :)

, posted: 26-Nov-2008 17:37

Basically this is a rehash of a comment I wrote in repsonse to the review of Microsofts free security / av software. ( ) I include it here as it has direct relevance to virus busting but also because i see this as a disaster in the making. I feel like the dude looking out to sea watching a tsunami approaching and knowing there is nothing I can do but grab my surf board and hope that the afterlife is better than this one.

To those (read the entire post)...

Further Cause To approach Virii With White Lists not Just Black Lists

, posted: 13-Oct-2008 13:36

Ironically, soon after finishing my previous post around the idea of going down the whitelist route for hunting viruses (lists of known good software and programs so only unknowns will be checked for problems) I had the (dis)pleasure of runnig into one of the new style root kits.

As before the root kit had gotten into the system via Win Antivirus 2008 or a similar variant of that malware. The machine was dis-infected using smitfraud fix software and also SDFix software, the two quicke (read the entire post)...

IE7 icon missing On WinXP Desktop

, posted: 26-Sep-2008 18:04

My poor technician must have freaked out earlier today when his boss (me) suddenly burst into fits of hysterical laughter and couldn't stop giggling for at least 5 minutes.

The thing that provoked such mirth was a couple of lines from the Microsoft Help section. It read like a cross between Monty Pythons Cheese Skit and a programmers joke. The lines in question are bolded below.

Internet Explorer icon might be missing after either you upgrade the
Inter (read the entire post)...

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