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, posted: 3-Nov-2008 19:06

w00t commented on my last post querying if I'd thought of using ESX instead of VMWare Server/Linux.

At that time I had thought about it, but as I was using a non-HCL listed box with an IDE drive ESX couldn't find a HD to install to.

As last week ended I was ratting through one of my drawers of crap and found a 4GB wide SCSI drive - it must be ten years old, not static bag wrapped or anything - so I decided to give the x206 a rebuild with the SCSI drive in and see if ESX supports it.

Well, low and behold, ESX3.5 installed fine. 2GHZ proc, 1.2GB RAM, 4GB HD - not a lot to work with, but enough to start with. I had to rebuild the Adito SSL appliance as VMWare converter couldn't shuffle it from vmware/Linux to ESX for some reason to do with the NIC. No problem - I'm getting good at rebuilding Adito.

Rebuilt the SSL appliance clean with Ubuntu 8.10 server edition and it's running sweetly. 2.5gb virtual disk, 384mb vRAM, ticks along nicely.

Found (in the same drawer) a 3COM Ethernlink 3c905XL card which is also on the ESX HCL so I'm going to use that for the vSwitch and use the x206's 10/100/1000 broadcom nic to point at an iSCSI SAN.

And the iSCSI san will be my next post - am 27% through downloading the OpenFiler 2.3 ISO and I know ESX handles OpenFiler's iSCSI sweetly. Good times, good times.

(Wife's getting p'd off with me wasting time on my network and not in the garden, but she's out tonight...)

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