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Mental Notes for the weekend past

, posted: 16-Nov-2008 21:21

Well, big job done for a customer over the last few days.

Five servers virtualised onto one host, all up 700 odd GB of data....

Two servers upgraded from Win2K to Win2K3 R2 (including the PDC).

One additional Exchange server added & 350+ mailboxes moved to it. (Not virtualised)

Things to remember for the next time I do this; Cool

1)   When adding an addititonal Exchange server to a site *DO* remember to set the 'Default SMTP Virtual Server' settings back to default on the original server.  Ie turn off smarthosting & alternate delivery port. The second server gets kinda lonely when the original server can't send mail to it...
2)   After remembering point 1) use a custom SMTP connection to do the smarthosting...
3)   When planning to virtualise a server, do check that the VMFS3 blocksize is set correctly so that you *CAN* upload a disk bigger than 256GB *BEFORE* virtualising all the other servers onto the new host... doh!
4)   Don't forget that when transferring mailboxes between Exchange servers over gigabit ethernet you won't get much more than 4GB per hour moved over.

Now to bed, to sleep, the sleep of the knackered engineer. The sweetest sleep of all.

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