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So, what's everyone using for OS' around the house?

, posted: 17-Jan-2009 17:54

Sitting here in another luvly Christchurch Saturday (overcast & 26 degrees) while reading cr*p on the internet I suddently wondered, what do our Geekzone compatriots use at home?

I'll start the ball rolling;

3x XP laptops
1x XP Desktop
1x SME6 (based on Redhat 7.2) server
2x SME7 (based on Centos 4) machines (printserver & antispam)
1x Fedora Core 4 desktop (azureus)
1x Ubuntu 8.10 server (adito)
2x Mythbuntu (based on Ubunto 8.04) PVR's
1x VMWare ESX3.5 host

So, 12 machines in total; 33% Microsoft OS, 66% GNU/Linux
Breaking GNU/Linux down, 62.5% are Redhat derived distributions and 37.5% Debian derived.

I'm a geek. Hopefully my Wife won't read this post and then agree loudly.

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Comment by freitasm, on 17-Jan-2009 19:23

I think you would get a better response by posting this kind of topic in the forums :)

Comment by boby55, on 17-Jan-2009 19:38

We are running

2x Xp Laptops (Work)
1x Vista Laptop (Personal)
1x Apple OSX 10.5 Macbook
3x Vista Pc
2x Windows 7 Pc's (My personal pc and our HTPC)
1x Windows Server 2003 Torrent Box
1x Windows Server 2008 Testing Box

total 11pcs

Comment by Tockly, on 17-Jan-2009 21:18

2 x Windows 7 Laptops
1 x Vista Laptop
1 x XP Laptop
1 x Vista PC
1 x Windows Server 2003 R2 Server
1 x Windows Server 2008 Server - Enterprise Ed
1 x Windows Server 2008 Server - Web Ed
1 x Trixbox Laptop (Linux not sure what one)
2 x VMWare ESXi Virtual Server (For test servers)

And soon to add...

1 x Windows 7 HTPC

Total 12 machines (No wonder I have a big power bill)

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 17-Jan-2009 22:26

1 x Windows 7 Quad Core Desktop
1 x Windows 7 in Macbook
1 x Mac OS X in the same Macbook

Comment by manhinli, on 17-Jan-2009 22:38

1x Windows XP and 7 laptop
1x Windows Vista laptop
1x Windows XP desktop
1x MacBook with XP in Boot Camp

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Jan-2009 22:58


1x Windows Home Server
1x Windows Vista
1x Windows 7
2x Mac OS 10.x
2x Windows Server 2008


5x Windows XP SP2
3x Windows Server 2008
1x Windows Server 2003 SP2
1x CentOS

Comment by CYaBro, on 17-Jan-2009 23:43

1x XP Pro - for Mediaportal TV Server
1x XP Pro laptop'
1x Vista Business Laptop
1x Xbox with XBMC
1x Linksys NAS (some form of Linux OS)

Comment by Lipex666, on 18-Jan-2009 00:13

1x Windows Vista lappy Ult 32
1x Windows 7 Ult 64
3x Windows XP

building a Windows Home Server

Comment by geekiegeek, on 18-Jan-2009 08:11

1x XP notebook
1x Windows 7 Netbook
2x Vista (both running MediaPortal)

Comment by Dratsab, on 18-Jan-2009 20:55

1 x HP DV4 series laptop - Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
1 x HP HDX18 premium laptop - dual booting between Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit.
1 x HP IQ816 25" TouchSmart - Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.  Acting as my HTPC so will experiment with Mediaportal soon.

Only 3 machines (I feel left out...) as gave away 1 x HP DV6 series (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit) and 1 x HP MiniNote (Windows XP) for Christmas.

Comment by barf, on 19-Jan-2009 16:04

1x Ubuntu Server
4x Ubuntu Laptops
2x Ubuntu Desktops
1x Windows XP laptop (only thing it can do the others can't is get viruses)

Comment by kinsten, on 20-Jan-2009 10:22

1x Vista Desktop (mine)
1x Vista laptop (my gfs')
2x XP Desktop (studio pc with Reason & CueBase4) & (the lounge pc)
2x XP Laptop (1 studio lappy with Scratch Live Pro) & (the other is a flat mates)

Comment by xpd, on 20-Jan-2009 13:10

1x XP Home Desktop (mine)
1x XP Home laptop (Wifes)
1x XBox (Lounge media)

Author's note by nzsouthernman, on 20-Jan-2009 13:50

@Tockly - We all tell our better halves, "computers only draw as much power as a light bulb does, so it can't be *my* PC that's pushed the power bill up..."
To @barf - I thought I was going to be the only mainly Linux user but you've restored my faith. :)

Comment by barf, on 20-Jan-2009 14:49

you can recognise a real geek when they have ESX at home ;-)

Comment by taniwha, on 20-Jan-2009 15:46

1x xubuntu on lenonvo 1x mythbuntu for media centre 1x eeebuntu for the laptop i take everywhere. 1x opensolaris on PC. (gosh solaris has come a long way).

Comment by VampX, on 21-Jan-2009 17:01

Systems: 1 x iMac running MacOSX 10.5.6 (XP in bootcamp) 1 x G4 Powerbook (same OS as above) 1 x Ubuntu Linux running 7.10 (Gutsy) 2 x Win 2003 R2 VMs hosted on above linux box. Windows boxen mainly for stuffing around in AD on and trying stuff out before throwing into production environments. All other network related activity runs on Ubuntu box - SMTP, IMAP, POP3, DNS, DHCP, WWW etc etc. Network: Cisco 877W router (12.4T) Cisco 2950 switch

Comment by Curmudgeon, on 26-Feb-2009 15:58

1 AMD-based Compaq desktop, Fedora 10 1 Dell Precision 530, Fedora 8 1 HP dv6-1030us, Fedora 10/Vista HP64 dual 1 Dell Latitude D600, Fedora 10/XP Pro dual 1 Dell Inspiron 530, Vista HP (w/BeyondTV, HDHomerun) 1 Dell GX260, Centos 5 1 MacBook Pro, OSX Panther 1 Mac Powerbook, OSX Tiger

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