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Trouble in MythLand...

, posted: 28-Feb-2009 22:06

It had to happen.  I set myself up for an epic fail all along and today it occurred... Cry

My MythFrontend box under the telly had a 200GB IDE and a 120GB SATA drive inside it with a 300GB XFS volume spanned across them both via lvm2.  One of the two decided this evening to fail. Epically.

This isn't really a problem, 45min p*ssing about attempting to resurrect the lvm then 20min reinstalling MythBuntu 8.04 onto the SATA drive by itself and it's back up and running as a frontend, sans all the content loaded up onto it.

The really epic fail here is that I've nearly finished mp3'ing my 600 odd CD's onto this machine (have about 100 to go) and had been thinking about copying the 80GB worth of mp3's on that machine onto a portable HD as a backup, but have been putting it off until I'd finished loading the CD's.

And I'd kept Family Guy: Blue Harvest as an xvid on there after recording it of C4 and converting it and hadn't gotten around to burning it off to a DVD.

Oh well, time to dig out my boxes of CD's and start ripping from fresh again.

And time for me to get off my ar$e and build my raid 6 SAN. Then I can boot the frontend diskless and not worry about the content at all.

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