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Do we have any lawyers reading GZ blogs? I have a question to ask...

, posted: 6-Mar-2009 09:27

With all the goings on in the media about border computer searches in other countries & the issues surrounding internet piracy I was wondering where the average NZ computer owner stands with encryption.

My question to any kind lawyers who might read this post is this;

What are my rights as a NZ'er to *not* disclose any encryption password to interested parties? ie Police, Courts, Govt etc. Do I have the right to remain silent and not incriminate myself or will I be at fault somehow?

Just thought I'd ask.

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Comment by Paul Brislen, on 6-Mar-2009 10:01

I'm not a lawyer, but in a previous life I did interview a judge about just this point:,david,harvey "If you're the owner of a computer, or you lease it or are generally responsible for it, and a constable shows you a warrant, you will have to give him or her access to the system or face up to three months in jail and a fine not exceeding $2000." That was some time ago (ok, six years by god I'm getting old) but as far as I know it still stands. The Crimes Amendment Bill became law.

Comment by freitasm, on 6-Mar-2009 11:53

IANAL but on a border inspection you are subject to the regulations on the country you are entering. Saying "No I won't give you my paswword" to a Customs Agent in the U.S. border will probably see you turned around (if driving into the country) or put on a plane back...

Comment by Regs, on 6-Mar-2009 23:24

i saw some silverstone usb drives with RFID technology advertised yesterday.  Basically you can only read the data on the disk if the RFID key is within proximity of the usb drive.  if you were really paranoid you could always get one and lose the rfid tag.....

there was also a cool usb pen drive advertised somewhere too.  10 consecutive failed password attempts and the device 'self destructs'.  I guess it must send an overvoltage to a TPM chip to burn it out or something..... i cant see it busting ino flames! but wouldnt that be cool :)

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