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, posted: 10-Sep-2009 10:04

We've been playing with a new (to us) Linux distro called 'LinuxMint' inhouse the last week or so.  Very tidy, clean & relatively snappy rebadge of Ubuntu I must say.

Subsequently, I installed it on the work Asus eee 901 laptop - this went very well. Doesn't boot as fast as the original Linux distribution, however 40sec from off to fully on and operational isn't bad for a 900mhz Celeron & 1GB ram.

Next thought - can I install MythFrontend on Linux Mint?  Sure enough it's available to apt-get and five min later it was installed.

I took this tiny wee NB home and woohoo the current release of MythFrontend on an Asus EEE 901 with a 4GB SSD + 16GB SSD running Linux Mint can connect to my backend and play back the recorded TV.

Granted the CPU/GPU on this wee thing struggled to playback Ninja Warrior in fullscreen, but the audio kept up fine.


Next up, openSUSE11 & MythTV on the EEE and attempting to make the same combination work on an old Thinkpad T23 with 256mb RAM...


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