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What not to do when going away with your beloved for the weekend...

, posted: 28-Sep-2009 11:20

Step 1: Remember to take Snorex (anti-snoring device) with
Step 2: If one's had a good long soak in the hotpools, don't consume 1.5 bottles of wine over the course of a nice evening out with one's better half
Step 3: Whatever you do, don't snore like a chainsaw thus causing one's better half to have to sleep on the floor in the bathroom of the hotel room on the cushions from the room's couch.

What to do after failing steps 1 through 3;

Be **VERY** very attentive to one's better half's needs for the Sunday following the chainsaw impression.

You think I'd learn after all these years...

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Comment by Noviota, on 28-Sep-2009 14:04

My partner apparently finds my snoring comforting... Strage I know

Comment by 848westcoast, on 28-Sep-2009 15:02

You're my hero!

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