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January Project #2 - Nearly Complete

, posted: 21-Jan-2010 23:02

Before Christmas I had two major projects to complete before February.

1) Build a NAS box - this one's got a nice TICK beside it.
2) Build a new retaining wall. Well, I've dug out where it's going...

As they say, procrastination is the mother of... I'll get back to that.

So I started a new project - clean out my computer room.

One high sided trailor to the dump & 11 pc's and servers recycled later and I can see carpet again.

Said room was 70% storage of everything anyone in the house couldn't find anywhere better for and 30% me and my electronic crap.  I removed a pram, two bedheads & even a guitar from behind a curtain I didn't even know was there. (The curtain wasn't hanging over a window, it was leaning up against the wall still attached to its rail...).

I now have empty space, at least 2M x 3M - now to decide what to put there.

I'm thinking an armchair & a small table to put my beer glass & coffee mugs on when I escape from Glee & Westlife playing in the lounge...

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Comment by Edmund, on 22-Jan-2010 08:11

Glee?, Westlife? - flee now before your brain turns to mush :-) I know what you mean about emptying out the crap..... Doing that myself, floppy disks anyone ? , old Canon BJ10e inkjet printer (I think it still works, power supply has been recycled for another project), but the amount of crap that I can hoard is incredible - and it's not so much I want to keep it, more the time and money it takes to get it to the dump.

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