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What to do with a new (old) server?

, posted: 15-Mar-2010 13:09

I've been given a four year old IBM RS/6000 server under the condition that I scrub the drives of all data before doing anything with it.

That's done, data is well & truly history. Said server came with it's AIX restore CD's so I've rebuilt AIX onto the box, but I'm not an AIX guru and though I know how to do things in SMITTY, that's about where my AIX knowledge stops.

So I've downloaded & installed RHEL 5.4 PPC edition - this went on really well. I've reinstalled it several times so far while playing with the software RAID setup.  Now I've got it running on a pair of mirrored 36GB SCSI drives for the / partition, and four 72GB drives in a RAID5.

But what do I do with it now I've got it working?  It's a dual-core multi-threaded box with 2GB ram. Dual power supplies. Puts out a fair bit of heat and is capable of running like a cut cat.

I've got webmin installed, and am going to be updating the JAVA VM to one that can run Azureus/Vuze (the 64bit version doesn't like Vuze), but it seems a bit of a waste to use this as a torrent box...

Any suggestions?

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Comment by james, on 15-Mar-2010 17:05

It'd make a good web server. Weather station. Web/security cam.

Comment by kiwipixter, on 15-Mar-2010 21:58

A good gaming server as well. 8)

Comment by Charles000, on 17-Mar-2010 18:15

If you were prepared to chuck a couple of large drives in there, it could be a NAS box for sharing/streaming. I guess it depends on how many people you have in your house/flat who are likely to use it.

Comment by dklong, on 18-Mar-2010 18:57

I worked on the early RS/6000s many years ago and they were a pretty good box.  There used to be things like SAMBA for AIX so you could use it as a File Server/WINS Server/DNS server etc on your LAN. All of our clients running AIX were using commercial software and databases but it is probably worth checking out SourceForge and other similar sites for Open Source packages and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy.

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