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Doing things with an RHEL PPC based server

, posted: 2-Apr-2010 20:57

Well, after fiddling around a lot I've got my PPC RHEL server working with the Transmission Bittorent client.

I've been wanting to do *something* with this noisy powerhungry box for a while and thought maybe I could get it to run one or other bittorrent client that can be web-managed.

Well, aside from Azureus there's no BT clients that should out-of-the-download run on a PPC based Linux box.  And Azureus doesn't want to work on non-Sun based Java.

I did some googling during the week and found that Transmission should be able to be compiled under RHEL on pretty much anything as long as the prerequisite bits of software could be installed first.

So, one long yum command later and four small source tarballs downloaded I had all the bits ready to compile.

Of course, there was a snag.  For some reason gcc refused to compile anything saying it couldn't create an executable.  Turns out that even though glibc-devel and libc-devel were installed, they weren't the latest version. I ended up installing everything glibc* and libc* and after that all the bits that transmission needed prior to installation compiled fine, as did the transmission client.

So, I now have a four-core 2GB ram 300GB disk bittorrent appliance sounding a bit like a jet taking off sitting in my office. Webmin was able to add the transmission-daemon into the on-boot startup and any torrents I have loaded via the web interface to Transmission autostart sweetly.

It's a shame I can't leave this machine running overnight, but it'd severly impact the WAF around here. Especially as our bedroom is only 15 feet away from this monster. :|

Time to pack it up and put it away until the weather cools off. It does make a nice heater, though.

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