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Got a Lenovo PC that's suddenly dropped free disk space for no reason?

, posted: 22-Nov-2010 22:21

Today I finally solved something that's been annoying one of my customers for a while with their home PC.

They have a Lenovo Vista Business PC at home that all of a sudden has bugger all room free on it's 250GB drive.  Windirstat shows that there's 135GB in use by 'system', but for the life of me I couldn't track it down. With Windows that is.

Well, booting to Linux Mint on a USB key and one du -h --max-depth=1 later and hey presto, RRbackup has 130GB of files & folder inside it.

Turns out that Lenovo's built-in, shipped-with, Recovery and Backup software will happily squirrel away copies of the contents of your C: into that folder and hide it from you.  Don't think you can use the R&R software to delete the old backups though, if you manage to get your disk space too low. It doesn't like that.

One uninstallation of the offending software later + a reboot and we now have 155GB free on their PC.

Solved.  Linux Live CD's (well USB images anyway) save the day.

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Comment by Linuxluver, on 24-Nov-2010 08:50

Filed. Ta. :-)  

Comment by th0r9x, on 24-Nov-2010 19:51

Sounds more like a rootkit than backup utility.

Comment by farcus, on 25-Nov-2010 16:24

the software you refer to can be used to make a reinstall / recovery disc for your lenovo. You would need a blank CD and DVD

Once you have done this it's fine to uninstall this software because if your hard disc crahes down the track you can use the discs you made to restore to factory settings.

Comment by carleeto, on 27-Nov-2010 08:53

Same problem with Vista's backup. Just eats up space. I had it configured to use a 145GB partition on my wife's laptop. A couple of months later - 0 bytes free. That partition was used for nothing else, so it was obvious where the space had gone.

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