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, posted: 6-Aug-2011 23:25

It's been a pretty strange year this year.  The ground's been shaking a bit here in Canterbury, and I made the decision to leave the reseller game and jump the fence.

I spent 18 years as a systems engineer for a couple of resellers, nine at Axon and nine at ShapeIT.

Now I've joined Burnside High School as the 5th member of their IT Department.  And I couldn't be happier!

What? I hear you say.  Won't you get bored?

Never.  BHS is the 3rd or 4th largest high school in NZ and has a network that's bigger and more complex than all my old customers added together.  Around 1000 student machines & 200 odd staff machines on the network in one site. (And that's just BHS.  Avonside Girls is here too....)

All the chunky goodness of my past customers without the travel! :)

I'll blog now and then on the projects that we're undertaking - I don't have time now to go into any detail, but here's a few that we've done in the last couple of months;

* Extend the wifi network so that all students can bring their home computers to school and 'do stuff' with them on the internet. All logged, proxied & authenticated without the students having to do anything but add a new wifi config to their computer.
* Set up driverless printing so that students can upload their document to a webpage, pick their appropriate printer and have whatever it is come out regardless of whatever device they're printing from yet still record & bill their printing.
* Replaced all 70 odd switches around the school with brand new ones doing gig to the desktop + link aggregation to the core.  We can sustain 500mbps from one side of the campus to the other with the new gear in place.

Coming up;

* Win7 hardware agnostic rollout with automated application installation.
* Replacement of the student computer management & monitoring software to a different vendor's products
* Offsite backup & replication
* VoIP phone system implementation

Busy busy busy.  Makes the weeks go very fast I must say.

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