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Imaging Edubuntu

, posted: 21-Aug-2013 15:50

Mental Notes: when imaging Edubuntu with pre-configured wireless configurations (ie ones done on install so that they become system configurations, not user created ones)

Ubuntu stores the MAC address of the original machine's wireless adapter in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/{wireless lan name}

Removing the line

will allow it to bind to any wireless adapter found on a future machine.

Also, when installing your reference machine, do not encrypt the first user's home directory as this will enable an encrypted swap volume which will play hell with your imaged clients later.

Lastly, the utility ofris (called gofris) will allow you to lock down a particular user account so that when the machine reboots all changes go away.

I've created a script that I download via wget to a reference machine when I build it that itself wgets down some files and updates Edubuntu, installed Chromium & a few other things we want, removes features we don't want, creates our student (limited access) user, sets up the auto-logon for the student.

The only things I have to do by hand for the machine is lock the student down, disable notification of errors & fix the logged-out wallpaper.

Then I can clone the reference machine with clonezilla and roll it to any machines we want - with one caveat - the reference machines HD has to be smaller than any of the target machines if you want this done easy & quick.

We're hopefully going to get rid of Win7 netbooks and make them all Edubuntu ones. :) Yee ha.

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