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OKI B411n & how to reset the NIC

, posted: 9-Sep-2013 15:51

We've just had a real problem attempting to change the IP address on an OKI B411dn printer - spent half a day on the damn thing.

For those of you unfamiliar with this model it doesn't have a nice menu, and when (somehow, we still don't know how) someone changes the IP address & sets TCP/IP to disabled it's very, very hard to resolve.  All the configuration utilities depend on TCP/IP being active.  Once disabled it packs up its toys and goes home.

On any other model of printer you'd just reset the NIC to factory and be on your way in 5 min.  The B411 not having anything other than an Online button is not so easy.  Googling didn't find anything, and calling Oki support in NZ wasn't any good either as they'd not struck this either.

Without further ado, here's how we eventually found out how to reset the NIC;

1) Turn printer off
2) Open the lid
3) Hold down the 'Online' button
4) Turn printer on while still holding the button
5) Eventually the printer will tell you that the lid is open. keep holding the button for another 5 sec
6) Let go of button & close lid.
7) If everything goes well you should see the display say that it's resetting the NIC

If it doesn't, rinse and repeat and hold step 5 a bit longer.


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Comment by Danielle, on 25-Oct-2014 09:58

Thank you!  This worked for me!

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