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Sky OnDemand - Whats new in October in Television

, posted: 4-Oct-2016 19:57

Every month I'll try to document the additions (and deletions) from its ondemand library.  The evidence of HD (720p!) content is "sparse" and there is still no tagging or categorisation of HD content.


SkyOnDemand now has

  • 362 box sets for all Basic subscribers (at no additional cost)
  • 44 additional box sets for Soho subscribers
  • Almost 6,400 episodes totaling almost 4,500 hours (using an average estimate of 42 mins per episode)


This is in addition to

  • 34 general entertainment channels totaling more than 24,000 hours of content per month
  • 7 movie channels totaling more than 5,000 hours of content per month
  • 6 sport channels totaling more than 4,300 hours of content per month (plus pop-up sport content) excluding BeIN and Rugby Channels

The full SkyOndemand list can be found here:  SkyOnDemand


  • Ballers s2
  • Crayfishers s1
  • Fantasy Island s4
  • Geordie Shore s10
  • iZombie s1
  • Jonathon Strange & Mr Norell s1
  • Mob Wives s5
  • Plebs s1
  • Plebs s2
  • Project Runaway s14
  • Rintindumb s1
  • Sanjay & Gary s1
  • Selfie s1
  • Shaun the Sheep s4
  • Skunk Fu! s1
  • Super Fun Night s1
  • Supernatural s7
  • Supernatural s8
  • Supernatural s9
  • Tatau s1
  • Teen Mom s1
  • Teen Mom s2
  • Tiny Planets s1
  • Travelling Time Bong s1
  • Wayward Pines s2
  • Westworld s1


  • The Brokenwood Mystery s2
  • Dance Moms s2
  • Dance Moms s3
  • Dance Moms s4
  • Underbelly s1
  • Underbelly s2
  • Underbelly s3
  • Underbelly s4
  • Underbelly s5
  • The Wire s1
  • The Wire s2
  • The Wire s3
  • The Wire s4
  • The Wire s5
  • Boy Meets Girl s1
  • Boomtown s1
  • Boomtown s2
  • Braquo s1
  • Hollands Hope s1
  • House Husbands s2
  • Only way is Essex s12
  • Poison Tree s1
  • Rizzoli & Isles s1
  • Rizzoli & Isles s2
  • Rizzoli & Isles s3
  • Rizzoli & Isles s4
  • Addicted to Food: Sharons Story 
  • Animal Emergency s1
  • Burlesque: The Art of the Tease 
  • Extraordinary People: Rainman Twins 
  • Fat Doctors s1
  • Fat Doctors s2
  • Generation Sex s1
  • Generation Sex s2
  • Make Your Child Brilliant s1
  • Real Dirk Diggler: Life and Times of 
  • Reluctant Porn King 
  • RPA s2011
  • Walking with Dinosaurs s1
  • Walking with Dinosaurs s2
  • Walking with Monsters s1
  • What a Booty 
  • Wild Arabia s1
  • Worlds Fattest Man 

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