Cut out the middle man?

, posted: 8-Jun-2007 12:54

I've been buying stuff online since it's been feasible (so much wine) but Sunday saw my first downloaded purchase, some games off steam, and I was quietly impressed I know this isn't new but like all things i'm never the first on the bandwagon and a year ago I couldn't have waited for a download but Sunday morning was painless as I did my domestics while it sat there sucking up zeros and ones. So how about those cost savings? No GST or store markup, this more than makes up for buying online, plus i'm making the greenies happier. So is this the best way of software purchasing? Will I be doing this from now on? I've not bought music online yet since i'm a tiny audiophile and want high quality and i'll not bother with divx/xvid downloads as I like DTS and good quality video when available, but I no longer see why I can't buy software online now so long as it's not a massive download - but like everything it'll be a balance, like having trim milk with my large flat white or a diet soda with those large fries. IMO it's just too damn easy to buy things online.

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