LOST: $20 note

, posted: 24-Aug-2006 12:06

I know this is not really tech-related but I lost $20 out of my wallet (honestly) - it is green and looks something like this

I lost it in Auckland... got $40 out on Monday afternoon and been really good and havent bought anything stupid since.... but now I only have $20 in my wallet..... maybe I went out on a drunken adventure and spent it??

If anyone has seen it please tell me. Thanks!

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Comment by bradstewart, on 24-Aug-2006 12:16

Maybe you want to include details of where it was lost etc....

Comment by NokiaRocks, on 24-Aug-2006 12:57

Also serial numbers may come in handy

Comment by freitasm, on 24-Aug-2006 14:00

Serial number please?

Author's note by portege, on 24-Aug-2006 15:23

Great minds think alike!

Unfortunately I haven't quite got into the wonderful habit of noting down the serial number of every note I spend, although it sounds like a good idea...

Really missing that $20 eh.... it was suppose to be my petrol money

Author's note by portege, on 24-Aug-2006 15:28

And you know what really bugs me? Some where, at some time, there will be some guy or girl who will be walking along minding his/her business and would happen to look down and see!!! Walah!!!! A crispy $20 note of my hard earned cash....

Comment by johnr, on 24-Aug-2006 17:54

LOL my nephew sent me a SMS before so happy saying how he found $20 today

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