Free Wi-Fi access has been extended until the end of 2007

, posted: 24-Aug-2006 16:20

Telecom has extended its Free Wi-Fi Broadband service until the end of 2007. ROCK ON!

What does this mean? This means that ALL Xtra broadband nad Telecom Mobile Broadband users can get free WiFi broadband access at places like Starbucks, Esquires etc..... Very handy when you are bored

A list of Telecom's WiFi hotspots are available here

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Comment by freitasm, on 24-Aug-2006 16:28

Yes! Hey, note that this is for mobile broadband users, isnt't it?

Author's note by portege, on 24-Aug-2006 16:35

As far as I know, it is for Xtra broadband users too

Comment by juha, on 24-Aug-2006 17:44

I think you can get access if you have an Xtra dial-up account too...

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