Beta testing websites before launch - Bug in Yellowpages Maps

, posted: 24-Aug-2006 16:45

This must be my record - it is my third post of the day, must be really bored at work.

I was browsing the Telecom website and saw this hotspot -->,8748,204173-1359,00.html?region=Auckland&city=&type=&suburb=New%20Lynn

The "Show on map" Button takes me here -->,2876,a6001_d7209339_m0,00.html?businessName=Starbucks+Coffee&category=&mapKeyword=starbucks&location=New+Zealand#top

Looking closely --> Hey this is about 2 streets away from me and as far as I'm aware there is no mall next to my street.....

Further research shows me that Lynmall is at 3058 Great North Road and according to ; 3058 Great North Road is here - which is some distance away from what Yellowpages had indicated where Lynmall hotspot was.

Resolution? The street number mapping layer on Yellowpages' new mapping toy isn't accurate and needs to be corrected.

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