Cellphone - Sanyo 8200 - Waterproof (Well...Kind of)

, posted: 28-Aug-2006 16:24

Went snowboarding in the weekend and accidentially dropped my cellphone in a big puddle of water.... the phone really didn't like that. It started beeping thinking it was charging and it did that all day while it was in my bag while I was snowboarding so it got pretty annoying.... the speakers wouldn't work and I can barely hear anyone on the phone

that night i took the batteries off and put it to roast in front of the fire for about ten minutes.

Ten minutes later I came back and put it together - the phone came back in life like it was new.... damn there goes my excuse of getting a new phone

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Comment by johnr, on 28-Aug-2006 16:30

Don't expect the handset to last to long

Comment by nzbnw, on 28-Aug-2006 17:39

I would strongly advise, if you are going to keep this phone untill it dies, to back up your contacts (Telecom Dealers will print them out for you). And as johnr says Don't expect the handset to last too long

Comment by alasta, on 28-Aug-2006 18:51

John is right to the extent that water damaged handsets often function okay for a while, but eventually die as a result of residual moisture corroding the tracks on the circuit board. Some handsets seem to be more resistant than others, though, because my Motorola V500 was still going strong when I eventually replaced it several months after dropping it in water.

Author's note by portege, on 28-Aug-2006 18:56

It is 90% backed up.... Got someone at work to back it up for me when I had my phone repaired.. :) thanks tho... oo wonder which phone i should get when i get a new one

Comment by johnr, on 28-Aug-2006 19:31

Put is on trademe read quick

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