Telecom launches tLab

, posted: 5-Sep-2006 15:17

In order to show off and update the public with Telecom's technological enhancements, Telecom has launched tLabs -

The website shows off Telecom's new VoIP, Video Calling, IPTV projects.

Very cool

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Comment by sbiddle, on 5-Sep-2006 15:44

I aleady have 3 of the 4 services at home already.

A great* Telstra Clear HFC cable connecting already capable of delivering broadband that's far superior to what ADSL will ever offer.

A VoIP PBX that allows me dirt cheap calling anywhere in the world, 10c flat rate calls to oz, NZ and Melbourne phone numbers, email and SMS notification of voicemails and remote access to voicemail from any internet connected PC and all for far less per month than the cost of a Telecom landline.

A new PVR running GB-PVR that gives me all the features listed on the website - recording a whole series at once, callerID popping up on screen courtesy of my Asterisk box (that automatically pauses the TV), remote programming via the internet. Courtesy of BitComet I can also watch a show I missed last season!

I could also have a a Videophone if I wanted one but the Grandstream GVX3000 is a bit expensive and I don't know anybody else with one! :-)

Hmm.. what's so great about all these "cool" services Telecom? There are those of us out there who already have them all!

*when it's working

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