iTunes 7 Review

, posted: 13-Sep-2006 12:44

Just got my hands on the latest iTunes 7. So I thought I'll write up a little review. I have outlined a few enhancements from iTunes 6

- The interface is significantly different. It has a blue/grey metal feel to it
- Video ipod owners can now enjoy games on their ipod, these game vary from Tetris to Pacman
- Users can now download movies straight onto their ipods
- Uses with higher-spec systems can browse their library by album covers. My Centrino 1.7GHz with 512mb of RAM and ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 was struggling enough that I wouldn't use this function
- Users can now download album covers via itunes (iTunes account required - hence we can't legally do it here in Kiwiland)
- The "Green" music itunes symbol has now been changed to "Blue"
- Gapless playback is now availble for live/concert CDs
- NZ is still not available as a country for iTunes

I have pasted a few screen shots below - and will update this review when I had a proper play around

Normal View

Album browse view

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