To Mac or not to Mac

, posted: 13-Sep-2006 16:14

I am thinking about splashing out on a new laptop - do you guys I should take the plunge and buy a little 13" MacBook? or I should stick to a PC and buy a TX or SZ Vaio.... I am looking for something small and would allow me to do basic word processing, photo organising and net browsing... I should be able to splash out about $4k on a new laptop....

Positively brilliant

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Comment by chiefie, on 13-Sep-2006 16:31

For $4000 you can get yourself HP Pavillion dv9020TX which has Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, 1GB ram nVidia GeForce Go 7600 256MB, 120GB hdd, 17" screen etc. And this is from Harvey Norman, although the unit is not yet "available" in NZ but it is listed for order.

This is the model I'm looking for if it fits my wallet, otherwise it will be the dv6130TX which is also a new range with Core 2 Duo, similar specs as dv9020TX except it is 15" screen, priced at $2999.


Author's note by portege, on 13-Sep-2006 16:35

I am just not a fan of big laptops though... to me laptops need to be small... 2.5 kg and below... best if its sub 2 kgs!

Comment by chiefie, on 13-Sep-2006 16:56

mmm maybe you should get Sony UX. It is ultimately very light and small. or perhaps UMPC (if it is ever available in NZ)

Author's note by portege, on 13-Sep-2006 16:59

I thought about getting a TX but liked SZ more... same price, slightly bigger but a DUO chip rather than a SOLO chip... 13" screen and yet only 1.69kg

Comment by blahbmc, on 13-Sep-2006 17:30

I've put a few of the TX's into client sites and they are pretty damn nice. So much so that I have been contemplating switching my 13.3" Asus for one of them. But, also like you, I think that the SZ might just win me over in the end with the Duo chip.

However, I might wait for one to come out with a core 2 duo chip first...

Comment by Aloha, on 13-Sep-2006 17:56

We have the Vaio SZ and it's great! 1.69kg with long battery capacity, small and have similar (if not better) parameters then the HP mentioned earlier.

We were hesitating between the black Apple MacBook and Vaio SZ, then the Vaio won. And since then we are using it with great joy. The Apple is great too but I am missing the video card.

Comment by dave5, on 13-Sep-2006 17:56

Go for the MacBook... I've had one for the past 3 or so months. It has been a really enjoyable computer to use - totally rate it.

Comment by geekiegeek, on 13-Sep-2006 19:02

I have an SZ and it ROCKS! its small (but not to small) lite and looks fantastic. The screen is probably one of, if not the best on any notebook. It has better graphics then the mac as well (nvidia go7400) plus the added bonus of intel intergrated grapics to save battery life.

I'm even thinking about getting another one when I am in Hong Kong later this year as my wife has become quite attached to this one.

Author's note by portege, on 13-Sep-2006 20:10

I think I will get the SZ and wait till the end of this month till they bring out their new range, I might even get lucky and get a blue ray one

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