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, posted: 12-Oct-2006 12:03

One thing I really like about Windows Vista is its new "Gadgets" function, although I'm still running Windows XP SP2 on my corporate laptop, I would still like some sort of floating toys on my desktop.

Yahoo! Widgets came to the party with its Yahoo! Widgets. It is very functional, and you can download many different kind of user-made widgets with it

I'm finding the iTunes remote very useful and have been using it instead of the mini itunes player.

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Comment by chiefie, on 12-Oct-2006 13:14

I would like to see a Vista widget for controlling WMP11, I know WMP minimises to the taskbar, but that's taking up a bit of taskbar space. much better if it goes into sidebar instead.

Also, what happened to the Recycle widget for sidebar?? I like that and when I used it in Beta1, i removed recycle bin icon from the desktop to give a total clean desktop!

And also, although this will be OT. I am wondering is there anyway to tell windows to maximise but not to go on-top of sidebar? Instead of overlay itself over sidebar, why can't I maximise it and fit into the desktop area, excluding sidebar's estate. that way it'll make sidebar more practical to use on widescreen, and more accessible to things like calendar/time/rssfeed/recycle bin (i missed that :-()

Comment by nathan, on 24-Oct-2006 12:46

Take a look at the Recycle Bin on the Gallery. 

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