Silly Police Statements

, posted: 13-Nov-2006 12:10

Recently a poor Dutch couple were attacked by two disguised men, police know very little about the identity of the attackers. Northland police communications officer Sarah Kennett today said that they are able indentify a profile of the two attackers... the profiles are as below: - They appear to be Maori but they're not sure at this stage - One of the offenders was definitely taller than the other I just love the "One of the offenders was definitely taller than the other" part, it's police intelligence at its best

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Comment by alasta, on 13-Nov-2006 13:20

I just love the headline on at the moment:

"Attackers May Be Maori"

You'd think that they'd actually make an effort to confirm the facts before throwing up a predudicial and inflammatory headline like this.

Comment by johnr, on 14-Nov-2006 09:19

So they are looking for 2 Dark males that are not the same height!!!! that narrows it down WTF are they now smoking or snorting the drugs they take off people!!

Author's note by portege, on 14-Nov-2006 10:23

I believe it's another way of saying "We don't have a bloody clue who they are... "

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