What really angers me

, posted: 8-Dec-2006 08:53

This is really bugging me.

I bought a Macbook for around $2488 at education prices (My brother in law is studying)- which I thought was a good deal . After waiting for 2 weeks the little white beauty finally arrives. I am pretty happy with it and am just trying to get used to the OS and iLife (mac virgin here)

Exactly two days after I got my MacBook, Apple decides to launch their online store, bringing the retail prices of Macbooks to $2499 and education prices another $200 off that.

On top of that, I received an internal email saying that I could get 10% off TotallyMac from $2499 PLUS free shipping... which means that I couldve got the machine for $2249....

Grrr... if only I purchased the machine later ... could've spent that $238 on something nice... like a flash mac mouse

*edit: fixed "reall" to "really". Thanks Juha!

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Comment by freitasm, on 8-Dec-2006 10:31

Don't take me wrong, but... That's why some companies don't offer "education prices". Your brother-in-law is studying and you get a discounted computer?

Unless one lives in the same address as the student or are immediate family I don't think the offer is valid.

Comment by juha, on 8-Dec-2006 12:36

You're missing a "y" in reall. :)

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