Job hunting in Canada - Mission Impossible

, posted: 19-May-2007 09:40

*sigh* I have been hunting for a job in Canada for a while now with out any luck!

I was employed as a Senior Analyst by one of NZ's telco companies last year before coming to Canada to do a bit of snowboarding in Whistler and now four months later I am settling in Vancouver, I need a job to pay off my trip - I can not find a job.

*sigh* Perhaps I should start working in a retail store such as Walmart or work in Starbucks for minimum wage

Anyway I've attached some pictures from my trip to make you guys a bit jealous :D

Anyway if you are keen - I have a blog at:

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Comment by sbiddle, on 19-May-2007 13:21

Who wants to work when you have snow like that!

Author's note by portege, on 19-May-2007 13:57

Well living in Whistler is VERY expensive; plus snow is turning into slush :(

Comment by rscole86, on 19-May-2007 14:05

Well if it was still the ski season, you couldve worked on the mountain. They are always looking for workers.

Author's note by portege, on 19-May-2007 14:08

Was going to work for the mountain but decided to be a full time snowboarding bum instead since the pay on the mountain is crap.

Comment by James VanAlstine, on 20-May-2007 07:52

Get a job at Tim Horton's!

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