Trademe Priacy Email

, posted: 4-Aug-2008 21:38

Got this today

Dear *****

We are writing to make you aware of the provision of some of your personal information to the New Zealand Police.

The Police served a search warrant on Trade Me requiring information on people who had traded with 8 suspects associated with the “Urewera Raids” late last year.  We are compelled by law to provide information in response to search warrants.

Some of your information was amongst that provided.  There is no suggestion that you were in any way related to these events last year, apart from being one of 3000 who traded with someone that was a suspect in this investigation.

Both the Privacy Act 1993 (Principle 11) and the Trade Me Terms and Conditions (Section 6.10) and Privacy Policy allow for personal information to be provided in matters related to maintenance of the law by public sector agencies.

If you have any more questions in respect of the matter, the Police Detective leading the investigation is ****************

We are sorry to have to bring this to your attention, but given current media focus on the issue we believed we should make you aware of the situation.

If you have concerns in respect of how we have acted in relation to the Privacy Act 1993, you can make complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner  ( )


Trade Me Support

Hmm hope there won't be any raids as I'm no longer living in NZ...

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