Mobile phone technology - a look over its history

, posted: 4-Dec-2008 16:24

I Was just looking at how a lot of phones coming out now has touch screen and me playing with my iPhone which I find pretty amazing, made me think about how cellphones has evolved this way

In my view, cellphone form factor popularity has evolved from:

-Candy bar --> Flip phone --> Slider form --> Touch screen

Wonder what would be next...


Briefcase --> Brick --> Candy bar --> Flip phone --> Slider form --> Touch screen

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Comment by TheBartender, on 4-Dec-2008 17:54

I think the 'brick' came first

Comment by tonyhughes, on 4-Dec-2008 18:29

Briefcase before the brick!!! I used to use a briefcase phone back in the day when I was working for the Red Cross.

Comment by Dratsab, on 4-Dec-2008 20:04

No - Maxwell Smart and the Shoephone came first.

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