How my iPhone 3G has changed the way I live

, posted: 6-Dec-2008 11:52

I spent the last two years travelling around the US, Canada and Europe and now thinking back, iPhone has significantly changed the way I pack my bags

I am amazed at how one device can save me so much weight, because of the iPhone- I no longer carry the following:

London A-Z- No Longer required as I have Google Maps loaded

My Mobile phone - Built into the iPhone (duh)

Ipod - Built into the iPhone

My TomTom
(Still use it for driving but if I didn't have my iPhone, I would be using it for walking around a lot more)

My Macbook for the internet - I now use Safari on the Iphone

Travelled for the first time without a laptop on a 14 day trip around Europe over 5 countries and did not take my Macbook, the iPhone was suffice for my uses (Mainly the internet over WiFI)

Chargers, Chargers, Chargers and more chargers -
Now only carry only the iPod charger

Lonely Planet Guides - Now use Safari and Apps

Sudoku book and pencil - Although not an avid, but now can have an app on my iphone

Phone card - Now use Skype over Fring

Various print outs of booking numbers/addresses - as I have them on my email on the iPhone

What I still carry and would love to abandon one day (Dreams are free)

My Camera

My weather Suunto watch (Although a watch will always have its place)

My Oyster card for the tube (Think this would be fairly easy as they embed it on the SIM)

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