Paranoia over identity fraud in the UK

, posted: 15-Dec-2008 21:35

After living in the UK and now back in NZ for a while to sort out my UK Visa, a lot of security measures have come into my way.

I feel that most of it to protect people like you and me from bad guys from "The Net" or "Enemy of the State". However there are so many measures that get in the way that makes things awfully slow

My bank (Barclays) for example, have an over-the-top sensitive online banking system that locks people out, if locked out you need a PIN which they send to you - to my UK address. So in short, I no longer have access to my online banking for the next three months .

Their Credit Card Fraud Team is also ultra sensitive, my card has been blocked on numerous occasions at: New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Of which, each time I told them I will be travelling outside the UK and funny enough; when I call up to unblock the card - twice - they've said that they have no record of me informing them of my travels.

My latest trouble is with UK's National Insurance Number which I will need for my VISA application, I was dumb enough to leave it back in London and now they can't give it over the phone. They can send it to me but my address is old, so I guess I'm stuck

Interesting though; both the bank and the HM Revenue and Customs will accept anything in writing, from money transfers to a foreign account to change of address of my NI number which I find very amusing, I would think that faking a letter/signature is much easier to do than answering series of sensitive questions about one's details

Anyway that's my gripe  - what has been your NZ experiences??

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