Bob Smith - Resigns

, posted: 27-Jul-2006 14:05

This just in - CEO of Woosh just resigned to pursue online content ventures - this is very soon after their acquisition of Quicksilver

Woosh CEO To Leave End Of August

Woosh CEO To Leave End Of August

July 28, 2006 – Woosh Chief Executive Bob Smith announced today that he would leave the organisation at the end of August to pursue opportunities in the online and content space as well as giving more time to his power boating passion.

“Bob has been a wonderful asset for Woosh. He has built up great personal loyalty from the Board, the leadership group, and the staff at Woosh. Although we wish him well in his chosen future, he will be greatly missed,” said Rod Inglis, Woosh Chairman.

Smith leaves Woosh on a high having recently concluded the deal with ISP Quicksilver. Quicksilver’s fixed line DSL service immediately broadens the Woosh offering to include areas outside the Woosh wireless coverage areas.

“My five and half years at Woosh have seen the emergence into reality of a concept – to create a viable third telecommunications network choice for New Zealanders.
I feel incredibly proud of the achievements we have made, sometimes against the odds, in delivering a bundled wireless broadband and phone network.

“It’s now time for the next leader to come through and deliver against the fully convergent telecommunications and information technology future that will emerge following unbundling and the rapid advances in wireless technology platforms. Here at Woosh, the stage has been set with the company well positioned for profitability in 2007, a high quality board, solid and supportive investors, and a great management team,” Smith added.

Inglis said the Woosh management structure will be announced in the near future.


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Comment by freitasm, on 28-Jul-2006 14:06

You should check the time zone on your user profile - this post was with the wrong date...

Author's note by portege, on 28-Jul-2006 14:11

Thank you - noted and fixed :)

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