iHug - Who will be the proud new owner

, posted: 31-Jul-2006 15:11

I've given some thought the sale sign being put on ihug's doors and have wondered who will buy it.

There are a few possible buyers that I think may be interested:

Vodafone - following their global strategy of acquiring ISPs, they are a highly likely candidate, especially with their financial situation

Orcon - didn't really expect Orcon to be a player in this field but they have come out with horns declaring they are keen to acquire ihug, don't really see a point in them acquiring ihug's customer database but hey Seeby is a smart man and I'm sure it will do Orcon good. It is a possibility that they want to build their customer database up for their launch of IPTV in late 2007. However I don’t foresee Orcon to have around $35-$40 million dollars to splash out; they already announced a $30 million ADSL2 and IPTV upgrade - so maybe they will use that $30 million on buying iHug

TelstraClear - Slight possibility but unlikely as TelstraClear already has Paradise.Net and Clear.Net under their belts and is currently 2nd biggest ISP in NZ... the Australian owned firm do have a lot of cash.. But I don’t see how or why they would want to acquire iHug

Slingshot/Callplus - aahhhh Anette recently broke up with her partner and have said that Slingshot are likely to separate, if Callplus intends to pursue the ISP arena, I suppose its they are a good candidate.

Keen to hear your thoughts!

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Comment by freitasm, on 1-Aug-2006 22:43

Hmmm. Your dates are still off... You should check the timezone on your profile at http://www.geekzone.co.nz/upd_user.asp.

- Ive updated it... not sure why its doin taht

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